Intel Core Mobile i3 380M 2.53G 3M SLBZX PGA988, 1st Generation.

Intel Core Mobile i3 380M 2.53G 3M SLBZX PGA988, 1st Generation.

৳ 2,000.00

Specification :

Brand : Intel  Inside

Core : Mobile i3 380M

Clocks Speed : 2.53 GHz

BUS : 99.78 MHz

Cache : 3 M

Model / P/N : SLBZX, SLBUK

Generation : 1st

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Introduction :

Identifying the processor architecture of your system can be useful to find the configuration and technical capabilities of the PC. This hardware which forms the core of the system can be identified from the system parameters. For Windows based systems, the System Properties can either be accessed through the Control Panel or through the Windows Key. There are software utilities available online like CPU-Z that can also do the trick. Under Linux from the /proc file system which enables communication between the ‘kernel and the user space’, identification of the processor can be done.

How to identify the processor ?

Under Windows

Apart from the possibility of identifying the processor by the system parameters under windows, there are utilities to let you get to know your hardware.

Method 1

  • The simplest, just under Windows, is to display the properties system.
  • Left-click on Menu “Start”, left-click on “Control Panel” … Opening the Control Panel.
  • In this window (Panel), a list of icons displayed, and one of these icons, you will find an icon called “System” in which you double-click it.
  • The properties are displayed Systems and the first tab is called “General”.
  • On this tab is the name of your processor, its operating frequency type and its actual incidence.
  • Also included in the information below is the total memory (RAM) installed on your computer.

Method 2

  • Right click on My Computer (or Computer under Vista) then click Properties.


  • Simultaneously press the “Windows” key and “Pause” to open the System Properties window.

Using a utility software

Cpu-z, requires no installation. This executable allows you to quickly identify your CPU and gives you its technical characteristics such as the type of operating voltage, the instruction set run, the amount of cache and more information about your motherboard, chipset and memory (RAM).


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